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Here you will find information about States.

Members who placed will move on to Nationals in their respective events:


Dakshina Palasamudrum Public Service Announcement 1st
Vritti Vazarani Public Service Announcement 1st
Mansi Patel Public Service Announcement 1st
Rohan Khanderwal Introduction to Information Technologies 1st
Navin Ramsaroop Business Calculations 1st
Vedika Dayal Public Speaking I 1st
Preet Patel E-Business 1st
Pranav Rathnakumar E-Business 1st
Kushagra Ghosh Introduction to Information Technologies 2nd
Aryan Khonde Introduction to Parilamentary Procedures 2nd
Kirti Mitaliya Website Design 2nd
Sanjana Sastry Website Design 2nd
Andrew Shen Marketing 2nd
Daniel Zhan Marketing 2nd
Nishant Yeddula Marketing 2nd
Joheen Chakraborty Computer Game Simulation & Programming 2nd
Andros Yang Computer Game Simulation & Programming 2nd
Sanjana Dave Introduction to Business Communications 2nd
Ved Udare Introduction to Business Presentation 2nd
Tharun Velishala Introduction to Business Presentation 2nd
Michael Liu Introduction to Financial Math 2nd
Richard Ye Database Design 2nd
Arnav Patel FBLA Principles and Procedures 3rd
Ayush Saxena Emerging Business Issues 3rd
Meghana Pinninti Emerging Business Issues 3rd
Tej Sista Emerging Business Issues 3rd
Ameel Jani Introduction to Business Comunications 3rd
Kunal Kanwar Graphic Design 4th
Utkarsh Mashal Graphic Design 4th
Andrew Pei Introduction to Business Procedures 4th
Tushar Khan Spreadsheet Applications 4th
Andrew Cheng Global Business 4th
Kartik Nalamalapu Global Business 4th
Albert Ang Global Business 4th
Anirudh Ramanathan Securities and Investments 4th
Srikanth Raguraman Sales Presentation 4th
Ayush Patel Introduction to Business Procedures 5th
Maggie Pan Organizational Leadership 5th
Erin Park Introduction to Parilamentary Procedures 5th